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Shenzhen Kechuang precision mold hardware factory

Shenzhen Kechuang precision mold hardware factory

Shenzhen Kechuang Precision Mold Hardware Manufacturing Factory

Shenzhen Kechuang Precision mold hardware Factory is a metal stamping processing and production enterprises, main: all kinds of precision metal stamping mold, metal stamping shrapnel, automotive hardware parts, precision drawing parts, hardware clips, heat sink, CNC computer gongs processing, mobile power shell, CNC processing and so on。And provide design and drawing services for customers, reduce the modification of product design, shorten the development cycle, solve the mold and parts design and processing worries, so that products can be brought to market faster。

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  • Science and Technology Innovation Office
  • Corner of stamping shop
  • Hardware stamping parts are placed in the warehouse
  • Kechuang metal stamping workshop
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  • Quality policy
  • Process quality control plan flow chart
  • 厂规
  • Organization code certificate
  • The business license
  • Chinese version of ISO Certificate

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